I'd forgotten how infuriating the end of Bones season 8 was before the summer, but I remembered as soon as tonight's excellent episode of the new season of Bones - 9.1 - began.  Pelant told Booth that he'd kill Bones if they married.  Booth took the point and called it off, until he could hunt Pelant down.

That decision didn't make much sense to me then, and makes just maybe a little more sense to me now, but still not all that much.  To the answer of why can't Booth just tell Bones what's going on - in some place free of any telecom or digital equipment, like any beach not close to a home - we learn that Booth is afraid that Bones is not that good an actress, and would sooner or later reveal to the peeping Pelant her happiness.  But as we see in the coming attractions, Bones is a pretty good actress actually, doing effective undercover for a few years now.

Angela of course is furious at Booth, and thinks - as Bones at first does - that Booth is having some sort of affair.  That would explain why he's out so many nights, when we know he's been hunting without success for Pelant.

Cam has the best advice.  When Bones tells her that she and Booth may be falling out of love, Cam points out that both are miserable, which certainly means that they're both still in love.  Cam's advice is the turning point, and gets Bones to accept as a matter of faith that Booth still loves her and does want to marry her, and will as soon he takes care of whatever the problem is.

But, given what Booth said earlier about worrying about Bones revealing too much to Pelant with her relative happiness, this still doesn't solve much of the problem Pelant is presenting.  Bones will no doubt seem happier now that she's realized that she and Booth are still ok - won't Pelant see that?

I don't quite believe that Pelant has the ubiquity of spying devices that Booth worries he has, either. But I'm glad that Cam's wise advice about the misery of love has brought them back together emotionally.

And kudos for one of the best meta-lines on a television show in a long time, when Hodgins says he wishes he had "Sleepy Hollow on the DVR".  Actually, it's on Fox right now, right after Bones, but I'm not watching it because I'm writing this review.  But, hey, there's always On Demand.