A perfect Bones 9.23, in all kinds of ways.

First, the little intros at the beginning of just about every episode - where the victim is discovered - are always enjoyable.  Tonight's was one of the best, and a great little story in itself.  Indeed, I'd like to know about the mother who had planned to put her daughter in the well, get a ton of publicity and money, but fell in herself, with her little girl removing the ladder.  An appealingly crazy little family.

Next, the new intern, Jessica Warren, is a great addition.  She's cute, brilliant, impulsive, and even a little reminiscent of Bones herself.   She's more in your face than Daisy, which is a good thing in this context.   She excites Cam's penchant for citing the rules, and just plain excites Sweets.  It was great to see them in bed together at the end, and when was the last time an episode concluded with a couple other than Bones and Booth?

The mystery plot was also excellent, with a good profusion of suspects, and a logical in retrospect solution and perpetrator who was right there before our eyes, with his partial deafness, all along.  That's the way a mystery should be.

And then there are the coming attractions.  Booth is badly wounded, and the voice over tells us that this will "change everything".   Well, first of all, it's impossible that Booth will be killed, though I suppose nothing is impossible in television.  But I'd bet strongly against that.  What will likely happen is that Booth's wounds will make it impossible for him to head up that task force.  And this in turn will mean that Bones and Booth will be able to continue to work together.

Still, that's a rather weak rendition of everything changing, because if that happens everything will actually stay the same, with Bones and Booth continuing to work together.   And that's why I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat next Monday, hoping that nothing too bad happens to Booth.