Well, Bones didn't keep us hanging on too long about the fingernail aka ghost serial killer this season. The case was broken open and solved in tonight's solid episode 9.22.

Along the way, we get some more good shots not only at the mega-rich, but against the government that all too easily marches to their tune. Bones does take place in Washington, DC, and episodes that involve politicians are always welcome.

Our central characters all performed to good effect, too. Sweets and Caroline are always at their best when they stand up to authority, and it was especially good to see Caroline with Booth's help make an uncooperative Federal agency back down.   Cam started out with her officious attitude, all too prominent in the past few episodes, but quickly saw the light about the need for Bones to be on the case even if it did go against some rules.  And Edison's commitment to Bones that he wouldn't rest until the killer was nabbed was one of the best scenes ever between Bones and an intern, even though Edison is no longer an intern.

But the most important part of the episode was the progress Booth was making - whether he fully wanted it or not - in his selection by the FBI to head up that new task force.  There has been a lot of speculation all over the web about what Bones and Booth would do if Booth was offered the job.  I've thought, as soon as the job possibility was raised, that there would be some unexpected twists and turns, but nothing that would put a wedge between the two.   Tonight we learn that Bones wrote her heart out in support of Booth for this position, and that Booth has indeed been offered it.

What this will do to the narrative of the series is anyone's guess.  But I'm thinking it's a safe bet that it will make Booth and Bones' relationship even stronger.