A strong triple-threat Bones 9.21, with a great case, and two relationships pitched into interesting and important developments.

The case begins with the mystery of how a dead body can be composed of pieces that apparently died at three different times.   The solution involves cryogenics - the freezing of bodies and brains for later revival, at a time when we can do that, and, in the case of the frozen brain, construct a body to go with it, too.  This is not science fiction -- not the freezing part, in any case, which has been occurring in labs around the world for years.  When you inject into this scenario an unrequited love, you get a story which is a fine scientific mystery.   Bones 9.21 did a fine job with this, offering up one of the best scientific murders mysteries of the season, and indeed the series.

The personal relationships were also excellent. One involved Cam and Aristoo, and what happens when Arastoo's parents come to town.  About Cam, I should mention that several readers took me to task for being so critical of her last week, and pointed out that her behavior regarding Wendell was the fault of the writers.  Of course it's the writers' fault - Cam is not a real person, everything she says and does is the result of the writers.   In any case, she behaved well with Ariatoo and his parents tonight - and it was nice to see Shohreh Aghdashloo playing Arastoo's mother.  She did a great job as Behrooz's mother on 24 a bunch of years ago - speaking of which, I'll be reviewing episode of that classic series when it's back on Fox with a new, short season in May.

Back to Cam - and, again, this is the writers' fault - there is a serious inconsistency in her character which makes her even less sympathetic.   She's willing to break the rules and sleep with an intern, but not allow another intern to use marijuana to help ease the pain of his cancer.   The writers should resolve that - otherwise they're leaving us with little choice but to conclude that Cam is a hypocrite.

But the most important personal story tonight is about Bones and Booth, who may be offered a job in Germany, to head up a counter-terrorism center.  He doesn't want this.  Bones will support him whatever he does, but the ambiguous way in which this thread ends means that there will likely be emotional fireworks ahead.

All in all, an outstanding episode, and I'm looking forward to more.