A good mix of ingredients on Bones 9.17, including a new Cuban intern, a classic fight in the kitchen, and an even more classic - at least, for Bones - battle of religion versus science.

The new intern is brilliant, charming, and handsome Rodolfo, who headed his own forensic team in Cuba. Angela's drooling over him, Cam is smitten but is more circumspect, and even Bones finds him attractive, though of course she can't admit it.  In fact, when he makes a pass at her - I haven't heard that phrase in a while, so I figured I'd use it - Bones threatens to send him packing back to Cuba. It's always good to see new blood at the Jeffersonian, and Rodolfo gives Bones the opportunity to proclaim her love to Booth, who of course is slightly jealous, in a truly moving scene, one of the best in the episode.

Meanwhile, the best scene in the crime department of the episode is a primo fight in the kitchen of a restaurant. Pots and pans are flying, utilized as weapons and shields, and Bones manages to throw a head of lettuce or cabbage Booth's way, before he subdues the bad guy, who turns out not be such a bad guy and certainly not the killer.  I can't remember the last time I saw such a good and lengthy kitchen combat scene.  Booth made like a Spartacus in the kitchen, and, if someone from the Food Network was watching, this might give them an idea for a new series.

The religion versus science debate has been done before, on Bones and elsewhere, but it was given a good rendition and resolution. Bones (of course) at first resists Booth's suggestion that they take Christine to Church - in Booth's favor, her name is after all Christine - but something that Rodolfo says brings her around. Rodolfo is an atheist, but he believes in the right of people to believe.

So Rodulfo turns out to not only be no threat to Bones and Booth, but doubly helpful to them. He's a good addition to Bones indeed:  not only attractive and brilliant in forensics, but wise in the ways of humanity.  Which, come to think of it, is a good description of Bones.