Bones 9.4 checked in last night with the best episode of the season so far - and one of the best episodes in the overall series.

The episode had everything - a puzzle featuring the evil genius Pelant, getting the better of our heroes, as always, for most of the hour.  But getting his just desert in the end - an apparently fatal bullet from Booth, even though Bones at first was wanting Booth not to kill their nemesis.

Speaking of desserts - with two s's - Sweets was back in this episode, too.  And the coming attractions show him back again next week.  Which makes his departure from the show the shortest on television, because it wasn't a departure at all, unless he leaves again somewhere down the line.

But the most satisfying part is Booth finally proposing to Bones at the end.  The episode had a great chemistry between them, including a passionate kiss in public early in the hour, and it's good and right to see them getting on with their lives now that the Pelant threat is gone.   One thing's for sure about Sweets: if there's a wedding this season, he'll definitely be there.

But speaking of coming back, I know Pelant looked dead, lying there with his eyes open - shot, I presume, in the heart by Booth.  But there's this thing about deaths on television. If the person doesn't get his or her head blown to smithereens right before our eyes, there's always a chance they didn't die.

The lists of surely dead who've come back and walked among us  - and I don't mean as The Walking Dead - include Tony Almeida on 24 and many others that I won't mention lest you haven't seen the shows.   I'm not saying I like Pelant - I actually can't stand the character - but I am just saying, about the undoing of death in the metaphysics of television.

Anyway, I'm happy that the season has taken this turn, and I'm looking forward to more.