Another funny Bones last night - episode 9.10 - that features of mixture of human and horse meat in a stew served to kids in school.   That's not funny you say?  Well, you had to see it, and the opener did have the uplifting moral of a bully getting his comeuppance.

But once we get beyond the horsing around about the horse and even worse in the stew - and this, by the way, is why I'm right there with Caroline in only eating "free range," and in fact I rarely order stew in restaurants even if the components are indeed free range - but once we get beyond that, we get a pretty important story about Angela and Booth.

I think I mentioned in a review a couple of weeks ago that I didn't like Angela's take on why Booth was not marrying Bones.   And even when the truth came out that Pelant was the reason, Angela was not sufficiently apologetic to Booth.   She of all people - with Hodgins nearly killed by Pelant - should have understood what Booth was going through.  And although, yeah, Angela's attitude stemmed from her fierce protectiveness towards Bones, which is admirable, her attitude towards Booth both during and right after the Pelant siege was, well, horse pucky.

So it was long since time that Angela genuinely apologized to Booth for doubting his decency, and it was good to see her finally do this at the end of this episode.   The apology also gave Booth a chance to show what a truly good guy he is, by graciously accepting Angela's apology.

And the ending also had some good repartee from Bones about her not wanting Booth to think of her as his best friend, because she doesn't want anything Platonic or non-erotic friendlike in their relationship.   Bones, who's not supposed to be the astute judge of human nature, once again shows that she a deep understanding of relationships indeed.  Eventually, she will indeed come to see that Booth and she are best friends, in addition to lovers and husband and wife.  But at this stage in their relationship, and after all they've been thought to get to this point, the Platonic doesn't need to be a part of it.