When babies cry at night we wake up and take care of their needs. When they cry at night because a skinned corpse is hanging from the ceiling, we still wake up but WOW our heart is racing!

And so the new episode of Bones opens and Hodgins and Angela are immediately part of the action. The thought, of course, is Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) is back with a vengeance. If you'll remember back just one season, Pelant (or Bassam Alfayat, if you prefer) is a serial killer who framed Bones for murder.

Pelant's character represents the worst of humanity but he's also brilliant, which makes him a legit threat. A character like this in a show like Bones is a perfect fit. Top skills pitted against top skills. Good always prevails, right?

Another thing that makes Pelant's character so evil is that each violent act tops the previous. It presents the good guys with increasingly more difficult challenges, but also lets us know at some point he'll run his course—most likely caught by the good guys—because eventually he'll be unable to top his last bad act. It's very good writing, and it's an excellent way to form a character who will be the penultimate bad guy. Kind of like the Borg from Star Trek lore.

Just for a little intrigue, the team discovered that the body hanging from the ceiling was most likely a Special Forces soldier. Things like toe injuries consistent with a job involving a lot of footwork; a buildup of nitrogen suggesting extensive diving and extensive parachute training, and shrapnel still embedded in his bones explained the reasoning.  I love the small details that make this show so exciting and logical at the same time.

Also, props to the writers for the great words they wrote for J.T. Thyne (Hodgins), and for his stellar acting. He did an excellent job portraying a father and a husband who's coming undone at the seams over the fact that Pelant was literally in their bedroom, hanging a skinned corpse above their bed. He was totally believable and it's worth noting.

Not sure what it would really take for a person to biopsy their own lung, but I love the fact that Angela and Hodgins are willing to do this just to find traces of a gas Pelant may have used to knock them out while he went about his business of hanging a corpse from their ceiling. That it involved the two of them snorting Lidocaine to get numb and ready is just the frosting on the cake.

I kind of disliked the scene when Pelant called Bones on her "burner" phone, which surprised her. After all, how would he know the number? In passing, she mentioned this to Booth and that was the end of that. I would have thought an FBI agent would have been quite concerned about a serial killer gaining access to his wife's burner phone, but that was not the case. In the real world, something tells me that might have been a really big deal.

In what turned out to be a very thrilling final 20 minutes, Booth and fellow FBI Agent, Hayes Flynn (Reed Diamond), track Pelant to a computer terminal inside a building owned by one of the largest private security companies in the world; and filled with armed mercenaries.

The hunt was on and it was furious, but Pelant made it out of the building, but not before being shot by Booth. The real discovery of what he was up to came later, when all the computers in the merc's building turned on and started scrolling identical codes across their screens.

It was an armed drone aircraft on its way to take out a girls' school in Kandahar, India. Seeing all of Hodgins' bank accounts systematically drained by one of Pelant's computer viruses kept me on the edge of my seat. The choice was left to Hodgins and Angela: save the girls and be broke, or save the vast fortune and let the girls be killed. Of course he made the right choice; Hodgins is a standup guy.

In the final scene of an excellent and exhilarating episode, we see Pelant stitching his own face. Booth indeed hit him and did some serious damage. He's going to have a very hard time hiding that ugly scar.

Overall, a terrific episode with lots of action and some very tense moments!

Stephanie Caldwell writes for CableTV.com. Stay tuned for more Bones reviews.