While many of the opening scenes of Bones can be classified as gruesome, this particular opening featured the remains of a body stuffed into a suitcase; seriously gruesome.

While I wouldn't call gruesome openings a pet peeve of mine, I do have major issues with people helping me with crossword puzzles, as though I need anyone's help after several challenging hours of staring at silly clues. Still, don't help me!

I was going crazy watching Bones hovering like a helicopter parent as Booth struggled, like someone else I know, to solve even the simplest clues. I wanted to jump through the TV and beg her to stop! Like I said, it's a pet peeve of mine so I was really annoyed; that said, this episode was terrific.

Sweets and Booth had to deliver bad news to the mother of the 15-year-old boy, Manny, whose remains were positively identified through dental records. He'd been missing for a couple of weeks. I've often wondered how I'd do in that situation—being the one delivering the tragic news—and have come to the conclusion it wouldn't be the job for me. I give mad props to people who are tasked with that duty and pull it off with complete professionalism. You're very special people.

The mother had a neighbor and her daughter, Kat (Lizze Broadway), over when Sweets and Booth showed up. It was clear the daughter, who knew Manny and is roughly his age, knew something and perhaps her mother as well. They all turned down the need for a little grief counseling stating they're just not the kind of people who need that sort of thing. There was just this weird vibe going on the entire time they were there.

The writers have a nice bit of deception going on with the victim and what he was doing in his life. There's definitely a drug connection, but they're being very coy with the details. Instead, Manny's friends portrayed him as a total brainiac who was always making special computer chips, smarphone chips, etc., and selling them on the side, which account for the stack of cash they found in his bedroom.

Still, the tox report from the Jeffersonian showed large amounts of Ketamine, often referred to as Special K in rave circles, in his system.

The depiction of just exactly who Manny was started to emerge though pictures posted online of the last party he attended. He was a prototypical, introverted teenage boy, complete with an unspoken crush on Kat. By the look on his face in the pics from the party, he was none too happy she was dancing the night away with someone else.

A gut-wrenching scene involving Kat and Sweets was extremely effective. She came to him, in confidence, to tell him she was raped at that party but she doesn't know by whom. He, of course, promised he wouldn't tell anyone anything they didn't need to know, and before you know it she's in the state's custody because her mom knew and told her not to tell anyone.

It was such an excruciating ordeal, for her and him. Of course he doesn't want to betray her. Who would? And there she is with everything out and on the table, needing an adult to treat her with respect, all the while not understanding that's exactly what Sweets was doing when he contacted the local authorities. Life can be upsetting for the living.

This makes Kat's mother a prime suspect in Manny's death, but the writers were not making it easy, and of course if I can figure it out on the first pass then they're slacking in the writer's room.

Kat caught back up with Sweets outside the Jeffersonian and read him the riot act. After divulging something personal to her, he promised he'd find whoever raped her. This was another emotional scene. Lizze Broadway and John Francis Daley had legit on-screen mojo and it paid off in a big way for the show. Props to whoever cast Broadway for the role of Kat Martin. Excellent choice.

In the end, they did hide the murderer—and rapist—very well. A minor character gave Kat a roofi-colada at the party, which enraged Manny, and meant he had to be killed to keep the secret of the rape. Sweets kept his promise to Kat and another episode of Bones is in the can.

Emiah is a writer for CableTV