Bones 9.8 gives us one of the significant Hodgins episodes in quite some time - at once instructive, repellant, and endearing - as we discover that he has elected to offer his neck for the propagation of one of those bugs he so loves.

What makes this even more interesting is that the bug - a special kind of bot fly from South America that uses its human host to propagate - has nothing to do with the case at hand, or "the dude in the dam".  So this Hodgins story is a standalone tale, in which Bones the series serves as host to the little Hodgins narrative, much Hodgins' neck serves as host for the bot fly larvae.

Now the sight of the larvae metamorphosing out of Hodgins' neck is suitably revolting to us and Angela, who of course still loves him.   It's a minor seminal story of how a man has to do what he has to do on behalf of his science and the bugs he loves, and how his woman stands by him.  In a different milieu, it could easily have turned into a major horror story, perhaps a new prequel to The Fly, either the Vincent Price or the Jeff Goldblum version.   Only Bones would be so audacious and off-the-wall as to house it.

Meanwhile, we also get a good second act in the story we saw last week concerning Bones aka Temperance the best-selling author of the Kathy Reich as character novels.  Bones has a run-in with rival author Tess Brown - well played SNL alumna Nora Dunn - who, as Bones is quick to mention, only has half the best-sellers that Bones has.  But Tess gracefully acknowledges that while Bones bases her novels on real experience, Tess just makes it up, and Booth is so inspired by all of this that he says he'd like to see his and Bones' characters in the Reich novels go on to a rip-roaring science fiction adventure in outer space.

That would work for me - though, given Booth's denunciation of bloggers at the beginning of this episode, I'd be unlikely to write about it--  Nah, only kidding.  Bones and Booth in outer space like a James Bond movie would be too good to neglect.