An amiable Bones 9.2 last night, which begins with a bobcat and Cam being the victim of identity theft, and ends with a quiet bombshell about Sweets: he's taking an hiatus from his work with Booth and the FBI.

This is actually a sad prospect for viewers.   Sweets has been playing a crucial role in the stories on Bones, especially since he learned how to use a gun.  He's been Booth's de facto partner, especially important when Bones can't for whatever join Booth in the field.  How long the leave will be and who if anyone will replace Sweets is not clear, but the series will lack a unique something without him.

Meanwhile, concern about Booth's not marrying Bones has become concentrated in Angela, who continues to think poorly of Booth for spurning Bones' proposal.   As I've been saying about this turn in the plot, I can't disagree with Angela.  Although Bones seems to have reached some kind of accommodation with Booth's decision - she believes Booth has a good reason - it still glaringly makes no sense that Booth wouldn't find a way to tell Bones the truth about this.

The logic given last week was that Bones would betray some public happiness if Booth told her the real reason for his decline of Bones' marriage proposal, and Pelant would see this.  But that logic gives short shrift to Bones' ability to playact in public, as I mentioned last week.  And indeed, Bones 9.2 sees the return of Tony and Roxy, which speaks delightfully to Bones' acting talents.

The show is still enjoyable.  But with Bones and Booth not married, the show hobbles along rather than takes big strides in its storyline.

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