In every election passion and enthusiasm can run very high, leading to many stars to make announcements and proclamations that they wouldn't ordinarily make. One statement that is almost always heard in every election is "If my guy (sorry Hillary supporters) doesn't win, then I'm out of here."

Here is a list of a few celebrities who have boldly and gallantly made the declaration to leave this country if their candidate doesn't win.

Seal Will Leave U.S. If McCain Wins

British singer Seal has vowed to quit America if Republican presidential candidate John McCain wins this week's election.

Akon: 'I'm Moving Back To Africa If McCain Wins'

R&B star Akon has become the latest celebrity to threaten to leave the U.S. if Democrat Barack Obama fails to win the presidential election.

M.I.A. Will Leave U.S. If McCain Wins

British rapper M.I.A. has vowed to quit America if Republican presidential candidate John McCain wins next week's election.

Tina Fey Claims She'll 'Leave Earth' If Sarah Palin Ticket Wins

According to a TV Guide interview Tina Fey claims she has fun with her Saturday Night Live appearances where she impersonates Republican Vice President Nominee Sarah Palin.

Michael Stipe To Leave U.S. If McCain Elected

R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe has threatened to leave America if Senator John McCain is elected U.S. President.

If John McCain Is President, Susan Sarandon Will Leave US

Susan Sarandon has vowed to quit America with her longterm partner Tim Robbins if Republican John McCain wins November's presidential election.

Honorable Mention Political Rants To Stay In America If McCain Wins

Black Eyed Peas star insists he won't quit the U.S. if Presidential hopeful Barack Obama isn't successful in his bid for the White House - because he'd feel too guilty about leaving the country.

Stephen Baldwin Challenges Obama To A Boxing Match

Actor Stephen Baldwin has found inspiration in Lindsay Lohan's father Michael - challenging U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama to a fighting match in the boxing ring.

Dennis Hopper: 'I Pray God, Barack Obama Is Elected'

Dennis Hopper is seeking divine intervention to influence the forthcoming presidential elections - insisting he prays for Barack Obama to be voted in as America's next President.

George Clooney Supports Barack Obama, Offers To Stay Away From Him

George Clooney has offered to support Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign - by staying away from the politician. Politically-minded Clooney is afraid of damaging Democrat Obama's chances of getting into The White House.