Watch Body of Proof long enough, and you'll start to think that there's never a slow day in Philadelphia. The show's covered things that look like demonic possession, rabies, and now a possible death that isn't one.

You have to feel for Tommy Sullivan. He's had a terrible couple of weeks. Following his being accused of murder last week, he loses a conniving hedge fund manager, Gerry Roberts (that's Mark Valley's former Harry's Law costar Christopher McDonald) that he's supposed to be protecting. A bystander is killed by the getaway car, too. Then there's the video where it looks like Roberts is executed. But is it real? Or did this rich guy with a lot of enemies just fake his own death? Only one of these options keeps the episode going longer than seven minutes.

Chief Martin (Lorraine Toussaint, still playing the same one note) takes Tommy and partner Adam to task for Roberts' apparent death, ordering them to find the killers in order for "something positive" to emerge from the fallout. At the same time, Megan and Ethan examine the bystander killed at the scene of Roberts' abduction. Her name is Jennifer Sanchez, and she's one of the people Roberts swindled. When Megan presents this information to the cops, Tommy asks her if Roberts could have faked his death. "Can't be sure without a body," Megan admits, while Adam flails. Tommy is now like a dog with a bone. This is a perfect opportunity for him to prove that no fake murder charge is going to keep him down.

Adam visits the FBI to ask their video analysis team to review the death tape, and hears something that tells him which railyard the movie was filmed at. He, Tommy, Megan and Ethan go there and find a burnt car with what's left of a corpse in the back. The doctors locate a fibula and some dental implants that appear to have survived the blaze, and the DNA matches Roberts, which makes Tommy sulk. At least until Curtis walks in right on cue, and points out that he found a moss in the car's tire treads that grows in China. Roberts stole quite a bit of money from the Chinese government's private investment fund. Ethan says they've also recovered paint chips that prove Roberts was kidnapped in a consular vehicle. International incident ahoy!

The Chinese consular rep makes a few veiled threats, like most diplomats who appear on procedurals do, and Megan is unimpressed with how Kate handled the situation. This prompts a team huddle that doesn't last long. Right after Megan tells Tommy to find something, Adam cuts in with "I found something," and Tommy doesn't miss a beat in following his partner. It's a perfect comedic moment. Too bad that means our cops don't get to see what happens next: back in the lab, after examining Roberts' dental implants again, Megan officially comes around to Tommy's theory that Roberts has faked his own death. Score one for Detective Sullivan.

Kate needs a few minutes to process all this information. Chief Martin needs to be quiet. Megan needs to get her mom out of her office. Then there's Officer Dunn (guest star Marisa Ramirez), Tommy's other potential love interest, who pops up after being forgotten last week to ask him if he wants to go to a basketball game. He politely declines, after which Adam calls Tommy out for making up an excuse, so the senior detective reveals to his partner that he and Megan "turned a corner" when they went out for drinks the second time. Adam wants details, but can't manage to get any.