It's about time that Body of Proof got around to a Mark Valley centric episode. After all, he's certainly deserving of one. While "Doubting Tommy" stretches plausibility a bit, it's proof that when you put a script into the hands of a good actor, good things almost always happen.

The episode begins with an unlucky guy meeting his demise via baseball bat, and then cuts to Megan testifying in the subsequent murder trial. After her evidence is given, Tommy is called to the stand, and is cross-examined by the defense attorney, and asked about his "gut feeling" regarding the case. He admits that he still has doubts about the suspect's guilt, which doesn't make him popular with Megan. His response to her annoyance is to suggest they have a few drinks - and even though she rebuffs him initially, once he calls her scared, they end up at a bar together rehashing their past. One wonders what happened between Tommy and the cop he invited out to the hockey game last week?

But Megan is about to be the least of Tommy's problems. She leaves him to pine, then apparently changes her mind and comes back, only to see him being aggressively flirted with by your average blond bar girl. This sours Megan on whatever she was thinking, and the next day, she's her usual cranky self.

She arrives at a fresh crime scene, and given what she saw the night before, isn't worried when only Adam meets her, and asks if she's heard from Tommy. What shocks Megan is discovering that the victim is the blond bar girl, who she deduces was strangled sometime the night before. Uh-oh. The good Dr. Hunt quickly gets Adam up to speed on what might have happened, only for them to subsequently discover Tommy passed out nearby, claiming that he doesn't remember anything. Yep, this is that episode where one of the main characters gets fingered for something they may or may not have done. Yet when the actor at the center of the plot is Mark Valley, you can expect it to be a whopper of an episode no matter what happens.

Megan gives Tommy a quick once-over as Adam asks him what he does remember. Tommy's memory only goes as far as Megan leaving the bar and being approached by the victim. "How can this be possible? Was I drugged or something?" he wonders aloud. It comes out that he'd previously interviewed the victim for the case he'd been testifying in the day before, and that the dead girl kept calling him after the fact. While Tommy realizes the enormity of what he's about to face, Megan deduces that the victim's murder must therefore something to do with the previous case.

Adam interviews Steve Owen, the suspect in the previous murder, who says that he hasn't seen the bar girl in awhile, but that she was "infatuated" with Tommy. "Skylar wasn't used to hearing no," he continues. No, that doesn't sound ominous at all.