There were only seven players left on Thursday's new episode of Survivor Gabon, and old Kota members Corinne and Bob looked like the next to go. The alliance of Kenny, Crystal, Sugar, Matty, and Susie had a huge numbers advantage. Bob and Corinne knew they would have to throw a Hail Mary pass to escape elimination, and they came up with one of the more brilliant plans ever devised.

Weeks earlier, Marcus had found a hidden immunity idol and decided to throw it in the ocean so no one could have it. Bob crafted a fake immunity idol, and claimed that it was the one Marcus claimed to throw in the ocean. This was the second time Bob had created a fake immunity idol, and this one was by far the most impressive counterfeit ever produced in the 17 season history of the show.

After Bob won the individual immunity challenge, he now had all the pieces in place to hatch his plan. He told Kenny that he had a hidden idol, and that he would give it to Corinne at the tribal council to save themselves from elimination. Bob said that he and Corinne would be voting for Matty, and that Kenny and Crystal should join them in blindsiding Matty. Then the four of them could form a new alliance and go to the end. Kenny agreed that Matty was a big threat to him, and that this was a good idea.

At tribal council, Bob's plan was moments from coming to fruition. Unfortunately for Bob, Crystal decided to vote for Corinne instead of Matty. Since their idol was a fake, Corinne could not protect herself from the four-three outcome. She became the twelfth player eliminated and the fourth member of the jury.

"Survivor" is coming down to its exciting conclusion with only six players remaining. Will Kenny's standing in the tribe be shaken because of his vote for Matty? Can Bob win more immunities or hatch a new plan to stay alive? Stick with Starpulse for every twist and turn.

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Story by Kevin Olsta

Starpulse contributing writer