Last night Bob Crowley, a physics teacher from Maine, bested the rest and became the winner of Survivor: Gabon and the million dollars that goes along with it. At 57, Bob is the oldest person to ever win the title of sole survivor, and also might be the most likeable winner of all time. Through online voting and text messaging, the viewers rewarded him with the fan favorite award, earning him an extra $100,000 to go along with his winnings.

Bob truly outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted his competitors to get all the way to the end. When his back was against the wall on multiple occasions, he was able to hatch plans to save himself every time. With four players remaining, Susie won the final immunity challenge, leaving Bob vulnerable. Bob was the obvious pick to vote out, since it was likely that the jury members would vote for him to win. However, Sugar had come to look up to Bob as a father figure, and Bob was able to use that to convince her to vote for Matty. This caused a tie, and resulted in what was essentially a million dollar fire building contest. Bob had actually been practicing for this possibility when he had time alone. The training paid off, literally, as he won and earned a spot in the final three.

The final three were Bob, Susie, and Sugar, the model from California. Sugar has become very popular with the public, as she has claimed she can't even leave her house without running into paparazzi. However, the feelings did not translate to the game. The other players decided that they did not approve of her tactics and emotionality, and she received no votes from the jury. Susie was the ultimate underdog going in, but she was able to win a spot in the final three by building the best house of cards at the immunity challenge. Then, at the final tribal council, she gave a very convincing argument that she deserved to win because she had exceeded all expectations and tried her hardest at every turn. Nevertheless, it would be Bob that earned four of the seven votes for his likeability and mental and physical prowess to become Ultimate Survivor.

Survivor will be back this spring for another installment. Host Jeff Probst and 18 Americans will experience the adventure of a lifetime in the Brazilian highlands.

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Story by Kevin Olsta

Starpulse contributing writer