Boardwalk Empire - this one of 4.8 - courtesy of screeners from Starpulse, guaranteed to be specific spoiler free, and to be followed this Sunday with a proper recap/review right after the episode has aired in New York City, just up the road from A.C.

Music played a bigger than usual role in episode 4.8, especially with Maitland doing some fine singing, which Chalky tells Nucky is "the blues".   But the show ends with a 1920s version of Lonnie Donegan's "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight," sung in Eli's home, on into the closing credits, and providing a great chilling contrast to what we've just seen, and the possibly even worse of what's to later come.

Killings:  There are two in the episode, one of a minor character, which leads to a series of events and the killing of a much more major character.  The murder weapon - in the second killing - is a knife in the back, not a gun.  But the act is not an act of perfidy, at least not to the victim.   And among the many powerful things about this scene is that it looks, for a moment or two, as if an even more major character might die.

And that's not the powerful or important theme or development in this episode.   That distinction would belong to the FBI's making a major move on Nucky, which, if followed through, could prove his undoing.  But I'm betting/hoping it doesn't come to that - though, honestly, that's more a hope than a bet, given what we've seen on BE in the past.

It was good to see Sally again, this time up East, to Nucky's surprise and mostly delight.  The part that's not delight ends in the only other act of violence in the episode, but it's not a death and it's well deserved.

And I'll be back here this Sunday night with a more detailed review of this episode after it airs on HBO.

In the meantime, here's Lonnie Donegan singing that chewing gum song ...