The Boardwalk Empire season 4 finale tied all the jangling ends, with an episode that left one memorable character dead, and, against all odds, Nucky's family still intact.

Eli tells Nucky he has no family, as Nucky almost maybe was about to kill Eli.  But the arrival of Nucky's nephew Willie not only stays Nucky's hand, but in so doing proves that Nucky does have a family.  Nucky's not going to kill his own brother in front of his brother's son, Nucky's nephew.  It was a memorable scene.

And so was the way it turned out that Eli did the killing, to wit, that Federal guy who pushed Eli just a little too hard one time too many.   That was about as fine a knock-down fight scene as we've seen on television and in this fine series, and what a nice move it is, with all kinds of possibilities for next season, sending Eli to work with Al in Chicago.

Al clearly had Torrio shot up - a few years earlier than in historical reality, but that's ok.  Torrio did in fact bequeath his outfit to Al, where in reality it was Al or O'Banion's people who tried to take Torrio out. It will be good to see Al finally in charge, where he deserves to be.

Narcisse also gets what he deserves - not the bullet that Richard on Nucky's orders intended, but the boot heal of J. Edgar in his face.   J. Edgar Hoover, raving about Marcus Garvey, and likely believing at least in part how Eli's Fed came to be killed, will be good to see on hand and in increasing power next season, too.

But we won't see Richard.  His was the bullet that killed not Narcisse but Chalky's innocent daughter, and the cosmos pays Richard back in kind, with a bullet that turns out to be fatal in the shooting that ensues.   And so, sadly, Richard never does make it back home, to his new wife and adopted son, but he never really made it back from the Great War and what it did to him, anyway.   As he sits against the dock by the water and dies, another chapter closes in this fine drama, and I'm already looking forward to next year's installment.