Art imitates life in this week's Blue Mountain State: the program gets a TV show made about it - and Coach Daniels puts a golf club through his TV upon seeing the end product. Ouch.

One can't really blame him, though. "One Week" is no "Hard Knocks" and this is no ESPN or NFL Network. It's full of bombastic narration and whoever wrote said narration is clearly interested in sucking up to offensive coordinator/coach in waiting Gilday (Anthony Lemke). But the device of sticking a camera in everyone's faces gives us the hilarity of them trying to come off much better than they all are. Alex has the cheerleaders following him around. Thad thinks he's Jim Carrey. Gilday just worries about his hair.

Yet because this is Blue Mountain State, the shine wears off quickly and exposes the various characters' vanity and quirks. Coach Daniels has his teeth whitened  and changes his wardrobe. Alex plays a prank on Gilday during the offensive strategy meeting. We learn that Harmon's cousin lost his voice in a tragic "pencil factory accident," whatever that is. None of these people are capable of being well-adjusted and normal. This is the show with lines like "I don't think our offensive coordinator appreciated my sense of humor as much as the state of Nebraska appreciated his wife's breasts." But were you really expecting anything different?

(The Joe Paterno jokes come off in bad taste, but it's just unfortunate timing that they're airing on the same day that he was fired by Penn State.)

The feud between Gilday and Alex starts quickly and escalates in a hurry. There has to be some conflict in the story for the sake of a plot  - although Blue Mountain State doesn't necessarily have much of one - and it's actually pretty entertaining. This season, we've really seen Alex go from an apathetic slacker to someone who has developed a spine and a willingness to stand up for himself. It's been nice to see him mature into a much more well-rounded character, when he could easily have languished into a caricature.

Believe it or not, there is character development going on here, in the midst of half-naked women and jokes about inserting foreign objects. You just have to look for it. And in all honesty, some of those jokes can be pretty funny, too.

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