Mayhem is back in session at Blue Mountain State. It takes about thirty seconds for the show to resume complete insanity on all fronts, which is what we watch it for, isn't it? I mean, this show is about football as much as Celebrity Deathmatch was about boxing.

How did Thad Castle become ineligible for the BMS football team? Well, it involves blabbing to reporters, a ton of cocaine, and something about possibly declaring himself for the NFL Draft. Thankfully, we only have to see him cry for a couple of minutes, because that's really uncomfortable.

Coach Daniels is back on decent terms with his ex-wife Debra, which I'm sure will last about an episode. He's also hired a new coordinator from Stanford who doesn't like Alex being the new starting quarterback - Radon separated his shoulder in the offseason and isn't around to launch any more TV shows. The new hire is the kind of tie-wearing, speech-giving guy that so obviously doesn't fit in at BMS and is doomed to go mental when confronted with the team's rampant debauchery.

Meanwhile, Alex is annoyed (but not sure he should be annoyed) that his semi-girlfriend Mary Jo is experimenting with other women. He's later weirded out when he's named acting captain until Thad can stop being a nutcase (over Thad's scream of denial, no less). "I spent two years trying to avoid responsibility," he whines. "This sucks!" However, he enjoys the perks, by which I mean scantily clad women that are sure to rile Mary Jo.

While Alex makes a half-hearted attempt at leadership, inasmuch as he can use his new title to his advantage, the new coordinator asks for his help to shove Daniels out of the picture and Thad desperately flails to get back into it. There's a brief cameo from Chad Ochocinco of the New England Patriots.

The real winner, though, is Denise Richards, who gets to slam down a container of petroleum jelly and tell the new coordinator, "It's to help you shove that playbook up your ass." Her Debra seems like she's going to be wreaking even more havoc this season, and she's certainly having fun doing it.

Blue Mountain State is my guilty viewing pleasure. It's the live-action equivalent to FX's ArcherIt's the college that I never would have gone to, which is precisely what makes it so entertaining. Sometimes, you just want to watch a grown man have an embarrassing neurotic meltdown.