There are only two episodes left in Blue Mountain State's sophomore run. No wonder why Coach Daniels is feeling the pressure. Oh, plus there's this little thing called a perfect season on the line.

Radon makes the big mistake of opening his mouth and guaranteeing a win over the team's 1-10 opponent, and he gets what he deserves after Thad nearly injures him in practice. The hard hit makes him lose his self-confidence (at one point he nearly curls up in the fetal position on the field), and Coach Daniels decides that he needs mental help. The idea of Radon having severe "coach issues" is funny, but only used in two scenes; instead the show takes the low (and predictable) road of having his therapist be an unrealistically attractive woman who is quickly having sex with him.

Alex is apparently starting a relationship with Mary Jo after their tryst in the elevator last week; at least, he's drinking with her and she gets jealous when other girls give him their number. Starting a game is no longer the nightmare it once was for him; now he sees it as the opportunity to be a hero (and redeem himself for the embarrassing bowl-game loss that ended last season). He's the only person who thinks that, however, as everyone else believes he'll fail miserably.

With all this going on, it's no wonder that Coach Daniels has a heart attack. That doesn't stop him from getting into an argument with Radon and walking out of the hospital so that he can make the football game. How does Alex's start go? Well, we don't actually get to find out - not unlike the first-season finale. This show seems to have a thing about not actually showing what should be its biggest moments. I don't know if it's fear or laziness, but it does get a little frustrating when the writers get us anticipating a big game and then fade to black. Hopefully, they'll address the outcome in next week's finale, but I'd still like to see them show us at least a little of what we've been waiting for - especially with this episode, considering it's packed with so much hype about said game that we will now never see.

That said, what we do have is pretty good. The opening scene of this episode is classic. I've been a Dan Patrick fan since his days co-anchoring SportsCenter with Keith Olbermann, and he makes an awesome cameo. Patrick's banter with Ed Marinaro is classic, particularly Dan informing Coach Daniels that he's still angry about Daniels trying to make out with his wife at the ESPY Awards. Chuck Liddell's cameo, however, is less successful - he appears as a hallucinatory version of himself with little to do but act as a cliche motivator for Sammy, who gets deservedly clocked anyway.

Tune in next week for the Blue Mountain State second-season finale, or as the show says, "the biggest sports riot ever." Anything with both a couch and some guy on fire should be interesting...

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