In my college years, I was always the person getting drunk-dialed, or getting called to bail out my friends - so this week's Blue Mountain State brings back some not-so-fond memories. (Not to mention Denise Richards for the sixth time in eleven episodes; we really ought to just call Debra a recurring character by now.) When everyone but Thad is massively hungover right before a big conference game, the team captain decides to sober everyone up by calling the cops and having them all arrested. Everyone but Sammy, who somehow manages to be outside when the cops storm the Goathouse, gets to spend the night in the drunk tank under the supervision of an overzealous security officer named Chet. I have to admit, it's a pretty ingenious plan from a guy not known for his smarts.

As if this situation couldn't get any worse, Coach Daniels has decided to go out and get smashed on his birthday, so he ends up thrown in the drunk tank with his team, where he starts telling everyone how he really feels. He tells them that they don't appreciate anything, then lays into Alex for being a slacker and a smartmouth. Everyone else starts venting in the direction of their backup QB, whether it's about how he doesn't apply himself or how he hasn't yet slept with Mary Jo. Deciding he's had enough, Alex makes his escape through the ceiling with Mary Jo on his heels - and you can guess what happens next. The question will be if it continues, and what will happen as a result.

Sammy arrives and uses a secret tunnel to help the rest of the team escape from the drunk tank and into the back of a waiting pizza delivery van. It's the most overdramatic, ridiculous escape I've ever seen on any TV show, with some shades of Raising Arizona, but I can't help but laugh anyway. I've been called by drunk people at midnight demanding bail money, but I have never known anyone to actually break out of the drunk tank and escape from it. The funnier thing is that if you think about it, these guys probably won't learn anything from the experience. They'll just repeat their mistakes, then try to repeat their escape, and it'll be a vicious circle. Yet that shouldn't surprise us; if you watch this show looking for any sort of moral lesson, you're in the wrong place.

"Drunk Tank" is funnier than last week's "Hockey," because there's more time to be spent on jokes and not so much needed for the setup. It's a perfect example of the stereotypical college experience: get drunk, get in trouble for it, learn absolutely nothing because of it. In that sense, I can't fault the show at all - it's just being accurate.

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