I was a pretty successful hockey goalie once upon a time, which is probably why I get so much joy out of watching Alex Moran think he can be the backup goalie for the BMS hockey team. The guy who believes football practice needs naptime thinks he can play my position?  It's almost as if I could say "I told you so."

From the moment they step (or fall, as the case may be) on the ice, it's clear that Alex and Radon are both woefully out of their element. Of course, they're not exactly aspiring to greatness, just trying to avoid offseason football conditioning requirements, even if it means bringing the hockey team down to their low standards. This blows up in their faces, as the hockey players start taking after them. Alex is horrified as he realizes he's essentially been beaten with his own modus operandi. "I accidentally taught him everything he knows," he says of the incumbent goalie and seems resigned to his fate, before an irate Coach Daniels pulls the equivalent of a deus ex machina. This is not the funniest episode of BMS, but maybe Alex will think twice about his influence on other people. Oh, who am I kidding? Probably not.

Meanwhile, after her nonexistent attention span causes an injury to the head cheerleader, Mary Jo finds herself filling the other woman's shoes - as Thad's "personal cheerleader." This is as horrible as you think it is, especially when Thad moves in with her to get away from the hockey enforcer who's taken over his room at the Goathouse. What follows is more gross humor than anything else, and it's not as laugh-out-loud as it could have been. At least Mary Jo attempts to stand up for herself (and Thad by extension), but we don't get to see her do much more than posture. I would loved to have seen her actually beat up a hockey player. That would have been hilarious.

"Hockey" has a lot of potential for laughs, but doesn't necessarily execute them to their fullest. Too much has to be devoted to the "fish out of water" setup in an already short show for there to be as much room for jokes as there would normally be. Next week, however, with yet another return appearance by Denise Richards, I expect the show to be back in fine form.

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