Episodes about vision quests are usually pretty hilarious; Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson have both attempted them with interesting results. Putting the phrases "Thad Castle" and "vision quest" in the same sentence, naturally, made me expect hilarity.

Thad has a big decision in front of him: graduate or declare for the NFL Draft. One of his genius teammates suggests that he get high on drugs and attempt a vision quest for spiritual guidance, and because he's not very bright (not that anyone on this show is particularly smart), he thinks this is a perfect idea - after ingesting enough drugs to last a week. Almost immediately, he begins to hallucinate. As you can guess, there are plenty of amusing things that ensue, whether it's Radon as a pimp fortune teller, Thad as an apparent stand-up comic, or his future wife Stacy Keibler and their misbehaved kids. The majority of the episode gives the writers an excuse to bend reality (and sense), and they exploit that to the fullest and most inappropriate. (Hey, even The Simpsons had the medicine woman Homer referred to as "boob lady.")

Everyone has fun with the lack of constraints this episode, but it really belongs to Alan Ritchson, who has far too much fun effortlessly toggling between the present-day, absolutely bewildered Thad and a future, disgruntled and life-hating  Thad. Whether he's screaming like a high school girl or complaining about his family, Ritchson doesn't miss a chance to convey high-energy, high-volume Thad completely out of his element. Any element. He really has no clue what's going on through most of this episode, and it's great fun to watch him basically out of control. In fact, this entire episode is pretty much out of control, considering it's mostly one long drug trip.

Not only is this episode of Blue Mountain State nonsensically hilarious, it also just might serve as a great PSA on the dangers of doing drugs. Now that's multitasking.

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