Can’t have a kid – why not grow one?  That’s the unusual premise of the new to DVD/Blu-ray film "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" out Dec. 4 from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.  We review the leaf-legged kid below!



   Title: "The Odd Life of Timothy Green"

   Grade: 2

   Cast: Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton, David Morse

   Director: Peter Hedges

   Rating: PG

   Runtime: 105 minutes

   Release Company: Walt Disney Home Entertainment




The Flicks: While the premise of "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is hard to swallow, it’s surprisingly not the films' major flaw.  Under the heavy-handed direction of Peter Hedges, this story of parents who can’t have a kid and decide to grow one is handled with such schmaltz and over the top sentimentality that all the actual poignant moments feel forced.  The real shame is that the cast assembled is top notch – Jennifer Garner as the worried mom, Joel Edgerton as the cautious dad, David Morse as the surly Grandpa and especially Timothy Green himself young CJ Adam – but are given no room to breathe amongst the stereotypes running rampant.  (Having mom and pop telling the seemingly real life fairy tale at an adoption agency interview was a daft story device for sure!)  There is sweet within Green, but it reaches the point of sickening.

Best Feature: The 'This is Family' featurette is equally sappy, but liked how they did show omitted 'Deleted Scenes' that kept the nature of Timothy’s leaves a secret from his folks.  (Good first step - should have continued with a second!)

Best Hidden Gem: Ironic seeing Ron Livingston here, the victim of office abuse in "Office Space," now playing the abuser.

Worth the Moola: Even for a Disney flick, this one is a simple case of too dim for kids and way too cheesy for the grownups.  But if everything else is rented...