While all the individual films have their own features, there are two discs special to this set and I’d be lying if I didn’t say they’re a total letdown.  The first disc has a batch of critics I’ve never heard of led by LACMA’s Elvis Mitchell going through all the works of Tarantino and kissing his butt royally.  That’s the whole disc.  No Tarantino insight, no naysayers to counter the positive opinions provided and ultimately no life.  (Even a movie geek like Tarantino would roll this disc down the street into the gutter!)  The second disc does have a tad more insight via a doc entitled 20 Years of Filmmaking, but again no Tarantino himself to be had. (Not even to personally talk about his close relationship with longtime editor Sally Menke for her tribute.)  The only saving grace on this one is hearing the skinny from normally mum Tarantino Producer Lawrence Bender on all the behind the scenes stuff.  (And no, having multiple trailers from the upcoming "Django Unchained" doesn’t constitute an extra guys!)

I say check out the various flicks themselves for decent extras Tarantino related.  For my money it’s the extras on the "True Romance" disc that set the bar for all the others to follow.  Not only do you get three commentary tracks, deleted/extended scenes and alternate endings with commentary, but also scene select commentaries from the likes of actors like the late Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Brad Pitt and Michael Rapaport.  But the best of the bunch and most candid feature of the entire set is the full-length commentary track by Tarantino himself on "True Romance," who finally gives detailed insight into his mind, his thoughts and his films.  It’s a MUST listen for fans.  (Why not do one of these for every film Quentin – including the MIA "Natural Born Killers" with some much deserved Oliver Stone venom?!)



Again on the "True Romance" disc there’s a fascinating, riveting and a little bit sad full commentary track by the late great Director Tony Scott who all but exudes passion, love and dedication to the film and the medium he brought so much to – we miss you Tony.



The flicks are all notable, some brilliant and some with only moments of brilliance, but this overall set I’m guessing would not carry the Tarantino movie geek seal of approval for the tastiest extras ever.  (Meaning back in his Video Archives days you wouldn’t see this one in Quentin’s best of section!)  Good...but not great.

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