Didn’t dig the recent remake or want to see what inspired it?  Check out the new to high-def Blu-ray release of the Dustin Hoffman/Sam Peckinpah original "Straw Dogs" now available from 20th Century Fox.  Check out the Hoffman brand of justice below!




   Title: "Straw Dogs"

   Grade: 4

   Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Susan George, Peter Vaughan

   Director: Sam Peckinpah

   Rating: Unrated

   Runtime: 118 minutes

   Release Company: 20th Century Fox

   Website: www.foxconnect.com   




The Flick: There’s a pure visceral quality to the work of Sam Peckinpah – be it "The Wild Bunch" or even this quirky outing.  What’s no disturbingly notable about "Straw Dogs" is what a slow pot boil the film builds to and the quiet thoughtful performance of Dustin Hoffman as a man pushed to his limit.  Plus the foreign setting and characters only work to heighten the tension for sole American mathematician Hoffman.  (Love those darn glasses!)  In any event the film is not going to be for everyone (the “rape” scene is still a tough watch even by today’s standards), but for those who like a little character and palpable anxiety with their flick, let the dogs out.

Best Feature: Shamefully, no big ones (where the heck is the Hoffman one-on-one?!), but the theatrical trailer that states “Sam Peckinpah who uncaged "The Wild Bunch" now unleashed Dustin Hoffman!” is pretty damn cool!

Best Hidden Gem: A fantastic turn by an early David Warner as creepy village idiot Henry Niles!

Worth the Moola: Not any cool features of note (damn you Hoffman!), but it does look and sound great on Peckinpah preference Blu-ray!  (His visuals were MADE for this format!)  Plus, I know that Hoffman has said he took this one for the money – but at least his performance didn't reflect it!