Didn’t even know there was a second and third in the Mimic series did ya?  Scary!  We’re checking out the now on Blu-ray "Mimic: 3-Film Set" from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  The roaches scatter below!




   Title: "Mimic: 3-Film Set"

   Cast: Mira Sorvino, Alix Koromazy, Karl Geary

   Director: Guillermo del Toro/Jean de Segonzac /J.T. Petty

   Runtime: 112 / 82 / 76 minutes

   Release Company: Lionsgate Home Entertainment

   Website: www.lionsgatebluray.com







Title: "Mimic (Director’s Cut)"

Grade: 5

The Flick: I’ve not only put this amazing as del Toro cut with brutal honesty in all features as #2 on my Top Ten Blu-ray’s of 2011, but I’ve touted the wares of the thing more poignantly early on.  Check out the review HERE.


Title: "Mimic 2"

Grade: 1/2

The Flick: What’s truly hard to believe is that the Weinstein Bros saw fit to mess with del Toro’s vision on the first film, but let this gamey little second outing fly by without question.  And ripe it is with this one featuring a gal with serious man issues who is ‘stalked’ by one of the human forming Judas breed roaches.  What this one doesn’t provide in terms of bad blood and gore it makes up for in some of the cheesiest performances this side of "I Come In Peace."  (Lead gal Alix Koromzay is like a more zany Amanda Plummer – minus the talent!)  Bad acting, bad story and all without empathy – not good qualities of a sequel.   


The Title: "Mimic 3: Sentinel"

Grade: 0

The Flick: I almost wanted to give this one a minus zero – is there such a rating?  In any case this one was so undeniably atrocious that it forced me to give the above a half star.  Think "Rear Window" theme badly acted with actors who should know better and dialogue that makes Michael Bay’s stuff look like Shakespeare, then blend it with some Mimic lore that the Weinstein’s thought was nonsense.  Doesn’t sound good?  Here’s a little tip – it’s not.

Worth the Moola: Sorry, this three set is sporting two too many flicks that bite roach butt.  Save yourself the pain and buy the del Toro Director’s Cut el lobo solo.