Trapped on Mars, the ability to jump cloud high and possible savor of an alien race – could be worse.  We’re checking out the planet jumping adventure "John Carter," out on Blu-ray June 5 from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.  Join the Mars tour below!




   Title: "John Carter"

   Grade: 2 1/2

   Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Mark Strong

   Director: Andrew Stanton

   Rating: PG-13

   Runtime: 132 minutes

   Release Company: Walt Disney Home Entertainment




The Flick: Hearing such dismal rants about how bad this one was, I admit I went into "John Carter" gritting my teeth.  But for all the horrible hoopla, "John Carter" kept me entertained.  Not that it’s without problems, as the chemistry between leads Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins is a tad on the stale side (for REAL heat check Collins with Matthew Perry in "Numb!"), the bad guys are cookie cutter and some of the aliens sound like Willem Dafoe (just kidding Willem, you rule!), but the overall story kept me intrigued.  Definitely should have put the arena fight earlier on and the ending shamefully leaves room for more adventures, but alas this will always be a single serving cinema snack – tasty but far from filling.

Best Feature: '360 Degrees of John Carter' encapsulates everything from sets to costumes for the fan that wants a one-stop shop.

Best Hidden Gem: Even though Dominic West over-chews the scenery, I did dig Mark Strong who was surprisingly sedate as the evil Matai Shang.

Worth the Moola: It’s a solid Sunday afternoon rental that gives no more then it gets.