Ready for a little Nazi tale...from space?  Then hail the third Reich and check out our review of the new to DVD/Blu-ray "Iron Sky," out Oct. 2 from Entertainment One.  The Fuhrer and our review await below!




   Title: "Iron Sky"

   Grade: 3

   Cast: Julia Dietze, Michael Cullen, Udo Kier

   Director: Timo Vuorensola

   Rating: R

   Runtime: 93 minutes

   Release Company: Entertainment One




The Flick: Good news – "Iron Sky" takes funny, goofy and zesty to a whole new level with a very hilarious tale of Nazi’s from space taking over the earth.  (They’ve been hiding on the dark side of the moon – and they’re pissed!)  Bad News – the final act of the film goes the way of being slightly serious and ruins a perfectly set up camp classic.  Love the Fuhrer fun (nobody can play a Nazi leader like Udo Kier!), the daft African American man cruelly turned into a white man (comedy clown Christopher Kirby kicks it!) and even the lust of Reich groupie Peta Sergeant (hubba, hubba!), but the makers of this one at some point forgot what kind of movie they were making.  This one goes the way of the Machete movie and begins to believe it’s own press - lose the dramatic class, stick with the cheddar sass and ass.

Best Feature: Again, all the features on this one go into a deep, stiff and downright sleep-inducing seriousness that’s almost laughable.  I say hit the 'Making-of Featurette' and skip to the moments with the insane inspired Udo Kier talking about green environments – send more Kier!

Best Hidden Gem: A little Kier goes a long way.

Worth the Moola: A brilliant set up that dumps the camp three quarters of the way through makes for a flick with potential that needs to go back to secret Nazi school.