Up for an inspirational flick about getting over the grief of a loss of a loved one with the help of…a head-banging hooligan?  Look no further then this week’s release of "Hesher," out from Lionsgate on Blu-ray/DVD starring the likes of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson and Natalie Portman.  Follow the long hair strands below! 



   Title: "Hesher"

   Grade: 1

   Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson, Natalie Portman

   Director: Spencer Susser

   Rating: R

   Runtime: 106 minutes

   Release Company: Lionsgate

  Website: www.lionsgatebluray.com  



The Flick: I’m a huge fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s work and with the exception of the uber-lame "G.I. Joe," the hard working thespian has never let me down – so what the hell happened here?  Taking on a one-note wonder role, Gordon-Levitt’s hard character of local leach and foul-mouthed ruffian "Hesher" is one uninspiring asswipe.  Not to mention that in a film where he’s supposed to be the conduit for getting over grief, there’s not one redeeming or endearing quality about the unlikable character whatsoever.  (And just being honest to the point of coming off like a dick doesn’t make him engaging either!)  It’s actually a waste because there’s some interesting work by Rainn Wilson playing a father and recent widower in a dark place, Piper Laurie as his ailing, but caring mother and especially Natalie Portman, outside her normal character comfort zone as a geeky and timid grocery store clerk.  But ultimately one just can’t ignore the glaring stupid simpleton that lays waste over "Hesher" (at the very least Gordon-Levitt tries to make it interesting!) courtesy of writer/director Spencer Susser. (Shocking I like, shock just for shock sake not so much!)  Bottom line is the highly unlikable "Hesher" is angry, mean and just downright annoying – hardly an encouraging hand in healing.   

Best Feature: Have to say the 'Behind The Scenes' featurette where everyone tries to describe the inane character of "Hesher" with such insight as an ‘Angel” and has ‘a heart of gold’ – did we watch the same movie?!

Best Hidden Gem: I would say that Rainn’s stoic work here is a step outside the box for the comical actor – deserves a better project.

Worth the Moola: "Hesher?"  Hard earned dollars?  Hardly.