Zombies, giant killer robots and...Dolph Lundgren?  We’re checking out the new to Blu-ray action horror flick "Battle of the Damned" out now from Anchor Bay Home Entertainment.  We review the thrills and kills below! 



   Title: "Battle of the Damned"

   Grade: 3 1/2

   Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Melanie Zanetti, David Field

   Director: Christopher Hatton

   Rating: R

   Runtime: 89 minutes

   Release Company: Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

   Website: www.anchorbayent.com


The Flick: What you see is what you get?  You bet!  Fun, frivolous and full of action fluff, this is straight up tough guy Dolph Lundgren on a military mission fighting zombies and joining forces with killer robots.  Yes, there are small attempts at drama (Dolph likes to keep things bottled up!) and character conflict (there always has to be one power hungry guy who gets it in the end!), but in the end the money is on the screen and frankly it’s fun to watch.  Dolph and robot kick good zombie butt.

Best Feature: The featurette (if you can call it that!) 'Battling the Damned' is more like a music video with on-set shooting and so forth – stylistic but low on info.

Best Hidden Gem: Nothing hidden here – zombies, robots and Dolph.

Worth the Moola: Do Dolph’s martial arts skills work on the undead?  Oh yeah!