Is there a reason we never went back to the moon?  Is there a reason this one ended up on a ton of worst movie lists for 2011?  We’re going to examine the answers to both questions via a review of the currently out on Blu-ray/DVD title "Apollo 18" from Anchor Bay Entertainment and The Weinstein Company – lunar details below!




   Title: "Apollo 18"

   Grade: 0

   Cast: Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen, Ryan Robbins

   Director: Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego

   Rating: PG-13

   Runtime: 87 minutes

   Release Company: The Weinstein Company/Anchor Bay




The Flick: I’ve seen, and always hope for, horror films that have a few notable moments.  A good scare here, a decent gore effect there, maybe even a cool moment of creepy calm.  "Apollo" 18 doesn’t have any of the above, not a good scare or horrific moment in all its eighty-seven minutes – not even by accident.  The ‘found footage’ routine has already gotten seriously stale (not to mention that that actors here don't feel all that natural!), the long ‘suspenseful pacing’ is sleep inducing, the shaky camera makes "The Blair Witch Project" look like steady-handed Kubrick picture and the ‘terrifying’ final act reveal is a joke.  Look, I know fellow alum Fred Topel compared "Apollo 18" to "Alien" and claims the film will “shock you to your core’, but to quote Huey Lewis, sometimes bad is bad. 

Best Feature: There are no less then FOUR alternate endings (NEVER a good sign!) that all equally blow!  (That’s a feat!)

Best Hidden Gem: The dried astronaut ice cream that came with the Blu-ray – even being flaky and tasteless it goes down smoother then the flick.

Worth the Moola: Ever go into a public toilet looking to catch something off the seat?  Well don't start now - avoid this one like the plague!