So can Taylor Lautner head out of "Twilight" land and helm an action outing sans Bella and Edward?  We’re gonna find out with a look at the new to Blu-ray release "Abduction," which hits shelves Jan. 17 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.  Find out the truth below!




   Title: "Abduction"

   Grade: 1

   Cast: Taylor Lautner, Maria Bello, Sigourney Weaver

   Director: John Singleton

   Rating: PG-13

   Runtime: 106 minutes

   Release Company: Lionsgate




The Flick: Positive first – the supporting cast of Abduction is pretty damn spectacular.  Alfred Molina, Maria Bello, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Isaacs and even Michael Nyqvist, who played the lead in the original Swedish version of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo," fill out the surrounding characters.  Unfortunately not only do they get saddled with wooden leading man Taylor Lautner (who’s about as versatile and charismatic as a plastic spoon!) but also uninspired Director John “Boyz n the Hood” Singleton, who all but phones in the action on this one.  (What the hell happened to you John?!)  Top it all off with a story that has nothing to do with being abducted, a crappy advance 'face' poster (it was on my worst list this year!) and some seriously bad editing and you’ve got a flick that isn’t entertaining by accident.     

Best Feature: I sense "Twilight"...or should I say Taylor Lautner fans will like the 'Abduction Chronicle' featurette with chat from the hunk himself (yuck!), but I prefer the 'Making of' which at least amongst the bad ass kissing (Weaver and Molina both sing praises of Lautner’s acting abilities – are you guys mad?!) has some cool ass kicking via Maria Bello.

Best Hidden Gem: Nyqvist, so effect as the caring Mikael Blomkvist in Dragon Tattoo, plays one terrific bad guy – but he deserves better.

Worth the Moola: For those who don't go gaga over teen pecs and brows, Singleton’s new hood is a scary place.