Many of us know and love Amanda Bynes. Her career as one of the starring actresses on All That bring back fond memories of my childhood - the "Amanda Please" skits in particular. She was even pretty good in She's The Man.

But ever since she fell off the radar in 2010, things haven't quite been the same. Bynes has began acting "erratically," posting videos like this online, as well as very publicly announcing her intention to sue anyone who attempts to slander her image.

"Erratic" is defined as "deviating from the usual or proper course in conduct or opinion," which is what appears to be going on. She regularly takes to the streets of New York with shirts or jackets over her head and has made headlines for her out-of-character cheek piercings and sexually-charged tweets about Rapper Drake.

Former friend and blogger Perez Hilton recently shared his thoughts about Bynes' strange behavior. "Amanda's a totally different person. When I was friends with her, she was really normal. Like boringly normal. I think she may keep acting out in even crazier ways if people start ignoring her. I've tried to help her repeatedly. It's just so sad to see what's going on," he explained.

Bynes' one-time-friend is not immune to her wrath; she threatened to sue him for the remarks he made about a strange series of incidents in Los Angeles and New York. In fact, Hilton is doing what a good friend should do -  going straight to dear ol' mom and dad. "Her family needs to do whatever they need to do to have her committed,” Hilton advised.

Hopefully the star's parents will heed Hilton's pleas and get her the help she needs. It seems like she's a completely different person than she was just three years ago, and we have to say, we liked the old Amanda a whole lot more.