Since leaving The Sugarcubes almost 15 years ago, Björk has charted a musical course as unpredictable and challenging as it is inspiring and beautiful. Rhino Records follows the artistic adventures of the mercurial singer/songwriter/sonic sculptor with Surrounded. Presented in deluxe "brick" packaging, the seven-DualDisc collection contains 5.1 remastered versions of Björk's six studio albums expanded to include each album's videos. The box also includes the DualDisc release of Drawing Restraint 9, the soundtrack to a film Björk and her life partner, avant-garde artist Matthew Barney collaborated on last year.

Paul "PDub" Watson oversaw the surround sound remixing, which includes all of Björk's studio albums -- from 1993's Debut to 2004's Medúlla -- as well as Drawing Restraint 9, which was released in 2005. All seven rereleased albums include the original release on the CD side. The DVD side includes the original album remastered in Dolby 5.1 and DTS Surround Sound, as well as all the videos released from the album, a total of 26 videos.

With change as the only constant to her ever-shifting sound, Björk started out in 1993 with Debut. Certified gold in the U.S., the album's heady grooves were influenced by the singer's love for electronic, club and house music. Debut's 12 song include "Human Behaviour," "Big Time Sensuality" and "Venus as a Boy." The DualDisc also contains five videos including "Human Behaviour," "Play Dead" and "Violently Happy."

For her second album, 1995's Post, Björk returned with a larger and more complex sound that drew on the expertise of cutting-edge producers such as Nellee Hooper, Howie B. and trip-hop innovator Tricky. Post's 11 songs include "Army of Me," "It's Oh So Quiet," "Isobel" and "Headphones." The DualDisc also contains six videos including "Army of Me," "It's Oh So Quiet," which was directed by Spike Jonze, and "I Miss You," directed by Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi.

Björk's third album, 1997's Homogenic, features dark, dynamic and daring arrangements backed by Björk's raw, emotionally charged lyrics. Homogenic's ten songs include "Hunter," "Bachelorette" and "All Is Full of Love." The DualDisc also contains five videos including "Jòga," "Hunter" and "Alarm Call."

Björk reappeared in 2000 with Selmasongs, a soundtrack for Dancer In The Dark, Lars Von Trier's movie starring the singer. The music was composed and produced by Björk with conductor Vincent Mendoza. Selmasongs' seven tracks include "I've Seen It All," Björk's duet with Radiohead singer Thom Yorke, and the ebullient "In the Musicals."

With 2001's Vespertine, Björk distilled the music adventures of her past releases into a dreamy album spotlighting the singer's emotional and musical range. Vespertine's 12 songs include "Pagan Poetry," "Hidden Place" and "Cocoon." The DualDisc contains five videos including "It's In Our Hands," "Nature Is Ancient" and "Pagan Poetry."

Björk's 2004 release, Medúlla, is truly a groundbreaking recording. The album consists of songs made almost entirely from singing or vocal samples. Medúlla's 14 tracks include "Oceania," a song Björk wrote for the 2004 Athens Olympics, as well as songs that feature vocals contributions by a diverse array of performers including Mike Patton of Faith No More/Fantômos, Rahzel of The Roots, Inuit throat singers and an Icelandic choir. The DualDisc contains five videos including "Oceania," "Desired Constellation," "Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)" and more.

Released in 2005, Drawing Restraint 9 features music Björk wrote for her film collaboration with Matthew Barney. The album's 11 songs include "Ambergris March," "Storm" and "Holographic Entrypoint." The DualDisc side includes a bonus track called "Petrolatum."

Track Listing and Info For All 7 Albums:

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DualDisc Track Listing

1. "Human Behaviour"
2. "Crying"
3. "Venus as a Boy"
4. "There's More to Life Than This"
5. "Like Someone in Love"
6. "Big Time Sensuality"
7. "One Day"
8. "Aeroplane"
9. "Come to Me"
10. "Violently Happy"
11. "The Anchor Song"
12. "Play Dead"


1. "Human Behaviour"
2. "Venus as a Boy"
3. "Play Dead"
4. "Big Time Sensuality"
5. "Violently Happy"

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DualDisc Track Listing

1. "Army of Me"
2. "Hyper-Ballad"
3. "The Modern Things"
4. "It's Oh So Quiet"
5. "Enjoy"
6. "You've Been Flirting Again"
7. "Isobel"
8. "Possibly Maybe"
9. "I Miss You"
10. "Cover Me"
11. "Headphones"


1. "Army of Me"
2. "Isobel"
3. "It's Oh So Quiet"
4. "Hyper-Ballad"
5. "Possibly Maybe"
6. "I Miss You"

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DualDisc Track Listing

1. "Hunter"
2. "Joga"
3. "Unravel"
4. "Bachelorette"
5. "All Neon Like"
6. "5 Years"
7. "Immature"
8. "Alarm Call"
9. "Pluto"
10. "All Is Full of Love"


1. "Joga"
2. "Bachelorette"
3. "Hunter"
4. "Alarm Call"
5. "All Is Full of Love"

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DualDisc Track Listing

1. "Overture"
2. "Cvalda"
3. "I've Seen It All"
4. "Scatterheart"
5. "In the Musicals"
6. "107 Steps"
7. "New World"

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DualDisc Track Listing

1. "Hidden Place"
2. "Cocoon"
3. "It's Not Up to You"
4. "Undo"
5. "Pagan Poetry"
6. "Frosti"
7. "Aurora"
8. "An Echo, a Stain"
9. "Sun in My Mouth"
10. "Heirloom"
11. "Harm of Will"
12. "Unison"


1. "Hidden Place"
2. "Pagan Poetry"
3. "Cocoon"
4. "It's In Our Hands"
5. "Nature Is Ancient"

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DualDisc Track Listing

1. "Pleasure Is All Mine"
2. "Show Me Forgiveness"
3. "Where Is the Line"
4. "Vokuro"
5. "Oll Birtan"
6. "Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)"
7. "Submarine"
8. "Desired Constellation"
9. "Oceania"
10. "Sonnets/Unrealities XI"
11. "Ancestors"
12. "Mouth's Cradle"
13. "Midvikudags"
14. "Triumph of a Heart"


1. "Oceania"
2. "Who Is It"
3. "Triumph of a Heart"
4. "Desired Constellation"
5. "Where Is the Line"

DRAWING RESTRAINT 9 -- Original Soundtrack
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DualDisc Track Listing

1. "Gratitude"
2. "Petrolatum"
3. "Pearl"
4. "Bath"
5. "Hunter Vessel"
6. "Shimenawa"
7. "Vessel Shimenawa"
8. "Storm"
9. "Holographic Entrypoint"
10. "Ambergris March"
11. "Cetacea"
12. "Antarctic Return"