Billy Ray Cyrus took the music world by storm with his rockin' country. Now, on his newest album, he returns to those Southern rock roots. "Wanna Be Your Joe," which will be released July 18, celebrates the joys, heroes and music of a generation that brought together rock and country. Interested in concert tickets? Go here.

From "Country Music Has The Blues" featuring greats George Jones and Loretta Lynn, "The Freebird Fell" penned with Lynyrd Skynyrd's Artemis Pyle and Ed King, and "The Man," a tribute to NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, to the tongue-in-cheek "I Want My Mullet Back," "Wanna Be Your Joe" is about the life and loves of the average Joe.

In fact, one love affair's life cycle is heard in a string of song titles: "Wanna Be Your Joe," "I Wouldn't Be Me," "What About Us," "Lonely Wins," "I Wonder," "How've You Been" and "Ole What's Her Name." "Hey Daddy," a poignant and personal song about being a father, finishes out the CD.

The album, for which he wrote or co-wrote all 12 tracks, is the first non-gospel outing for Cyrus in four years. During that time, the music star became a television star -- first with four seasons of Doc, the #1-rated series on PAX, and now with the Disney Channel's "Hannah Montana."

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