Rocker Billy Corgan has fuelled rumors he is romancing Jessica Simpson - after refusing to confirm or deny if he is dating the pop singer. The odd couple is rumored to have begun dating in December after the stars were snapped together during a night out.

Sources claimed the longtime pals had taken their relationship to the next level and were "officially dating." However Corgan, 42, has refused to go public about the alleged romance - deflecting questions about the status of their relationship.

According to E! Online, when asked if he was dating "Jessica", Corgan responded, "Jessica Rabbit? She's a cartoon character. I don't know if you knew that. They did such a good job on the movie that you swore she was real."

Simpson, who has also yet to publicly acknowledge she is dating the musician, recently revealed the pair, has teamed up for a new song. She has been single since splitting from football quarterback Tony Romo last summer.

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