Jeremy Britt won The Biggest Loser last night with a total weight loss of 199 lbs. Today on a conference call with the media, Britt shared how he’s going to keep the weight off now that the show is over.

“All these things that I’ve learned have helped me to do that going forward,” Britt said. “I have a complete lifestyle change and that’s how I’m going to keep the weight off. If I do something in the public eye that keeps me accountable, I don't think I need the accountability but every little bit helps. I’m just going to enjoy living life and stay active.”

To keep himself in the public eye, Britt has thought about entering the public speaking circuit. “I would like to get into speaking or something like that just to share my story. I think there’s a lot of people who find themselves relating to me and if I can help them, I’m definitely trying to pay it forward.”

Britt is maintaining a running and weight lifting workout to get more toned and build a little muscle. “The most important thing that I learned was hard work pays off. I didn’t cut corners, I just put in a lot of hard work. In the end, everything that I did paid off. It’s about doing it the right way. I definitely worked out a lot and I ate, so I had a good balanced diet.”

Now living at around 200 lbs., Britt is enjoying his new self. “The best thing about having lost the weight are the health benefits, not being restricted by anything my weight would hold me back.”

The Britt family competed in The Biggest Loser together, with Jeremy beating sister Conda’s 115 lb. loss. He is proud of his sister but it was a competition. “She wants to win, I want to win but obviously if one of us wins it’s a great thing. I wanted to win and I wasn’t going to take it easy. I wanted to destroy her.”

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