Last week, Derrick Levasseur and Nicole Franzel became the fifth and sixth heads of household on Big Brother 2014. At the end of Sunday's episode, only one head of household remained to take his or her throne. Also, Nicole and Derrick each nominated two people for eviction on Big Brother 16. Nicole quickly learned that taking a Big Brother 2014 houseguests' fate in your hand isn't easy, especially when it involves America's favorite groundskeeper.

Devin's Last Chance

Devin tries to gain some allies by exposing the former Bomb Squad to other people. He chooses to tell Donny Thompson, Jocasta Odom, and Brittany Martinez about it. Meanwhile, Christine Brecht wants to honor her alliance to Nicole by revealing her part in the Bomb Squad. Instead of furthering their bond, it causes some paranoia between the Big Brother 16 besties.

Later Devin approaches Derrick to try to get nominated for eviction. Devin knows that Derrick plans to backdoor him. By getting nominated now, he can try to save himself from eviction. Derrick does not take Devin's request serious.

Let Me Be Your Hero

During a discussion about nominations, Derrick suggests that Nicole nominates Amber Borzotra, because Amber nominated her. He also says that Caleb Reynolds would then volunteer himself to go on the block to protect Amber. He might even throw the Battle of the Block competition.

When Derrick informs Caleb that Nicole wants to nominate Amber, things go as planned. Caleb volunteers to go on the block. He wants to throw the competition to win Amber's admiration. Later he tells Amber his plan; she tells him not to do it.

A Sprinkle of Doubt

Nicole trusts Donny. So she talks to him about who to nominate for eviction. He tells her that nominating Christine could be a smart move, because she was originally part of the Bomb Squad. Then Nicole reveals that Derrick and her have a plan to backdoor Devin. They're going to nominate Caleb and Amber on opposite sides. Then Caleb will throw the competition to ensure that Amber is removed and safe for the week.

During a gossip session, Donny lets Brittany and Jocasta know about this plan, which Amber overhears. She then rushes to tell Nicole what she heard from Donny.

Unknown Cousins

Team America (Donny, Derrick, and Frankie Grande) get their first mission. They must get three non-Team America houseguests to spread a rumor that one of the Big Brother 16 contestant is related to a former Big Brother contestant. They have four days to complete their mission. 

They decide to say that Zach Rance is the cousin of Amanda Zuckermann from Big Brother 15.

Battle of the Block

Abraca-Bob-Ra:One contestant must retrieve puzzle pieces. Then their flying partner must use these pieces to solve a puzzle. The first team to solve the puzzle and hit the buzzer wins the Battle of the Block competition.

Caleb keeps his word and throws the competition. He stalls about delivering Jocasta her puzzle pieces. Donny and Amber win the Battle of the Block. This leaves Derrick as head of household, and Jocasta and Caleb on the block for eviction.