The Big Brother 2014 season introduced viewers to some of the biggest personalities in the series' history. We met a makeup artist with blue hair, a Youtube sensation with a famous sister, and a loud DJ. The meek and quiet won't get any Big Brother 16 airtime while these characters stay in the house. To add to the Big Brother excitement, host Julie Chen informed viewers of a couple new game changing twists. Can Big Brother 16 make up for the mistakes of Big Brother 15? We have our doubts.

A Game of Eight

This year Big Brother decided to divide the houseguests. On last night's episode we met the first eight houseguests that entered Big Brother 16. They were Frankie Grande, Joey Van Pelt, Paola Shae, Cody Calaflore, Amber Borzotra, Nicole Franzel, Donny Thompson, and Devin Shepherd.

The Crazy 8s: Immediately, the houseguests decide to join together before the other eight enter the house. The original eight decide to call their alliance The Crazy Eights.

Double Ds: The night doesn't slow down as Devin approaches Donny about forming a side alliance. They call themselves Double Ds.

El Cuatro: Paola takes on the alpha female role by proposing the idea of an all female alliance. The other women like that idea. So Nicole, Joey, Paola, and Amber become El Cuatro alliance.

A Showmance In the Making?

In the Diary room, Paola and Frankie both admit to having a crush on Cody. However, Paola seems to be the only one ready to act on it at any second. She declares to half the house that she wants to lick him during the head of household competition. We'll see if Paola and Cody evolve into a showmance, especially with eight more people entering the house soon.

Twist, Twist, Twist

Julie informs the houseguests that eight players will join them later. The remaining players will compete in their own head of household competition. There will be two HOHS this season. However, by the end of the week, only one person will still have the power. Julie also tells them that this year the HOH isn't completely safe from the block and eviction.

The audience learns about the Team America twist. It will be an exclusive three person alliance of players selected by America to perform tasks for us (America). The first person on Team America has already been selected by viewers via a vote on America will get to pick the other two players at a later date and time.

No Day at the Beach

For the first head of household competition, players have to hold on to a kite string while standing on a rotating beam. Also, at certain points in the game, they'll face obstacles like sunscreen being sprayed at them and the beam reversing positions. The competition doesn't last long as each player falls off rather quickly. The houseguests are eliminated in this order: Paola, Joey, Nicole, Donny, and Devin. Cody, Frankie, and Amber become the final three players. Cody falls off. Amber ponders how much she wants to win, but then she remembers the twist about the HOH not being safe. She throws it to Frankie.

Frankie becomes the first head of household of the season. He immediately starts to panic. Welcome to Big Brother 16 everyone.

Initial Reaction

We're not fans of twists where America gets the power to influence the game. So we don't exactly like Team America. Besides that, two HOHs isn't the most exciting twist. Hopefully the remaining twists are better.

As for the cast, everyone is coming off too bright and too intense so far. However, we like the diversity with the cast's personalities. This will reflect more after day 2. So we're excited to see if there are any legends in the making entering the house this season. We don't think they'll be with the first bunch of players, but we could be wrong. Always expect the unexpected with Big Brother.