Last night's Big Brother 2014 episode set up the explosive drama to come on tonight's one. This episode showed Devin Shepherd again trying to force his Bomb Squad alliance to obey him. However, when two members of it questioned his decisions, his erratic behavior got worse. By the end of this episode of Big Brother 16, the Bomb Squad explodes.

Bomb Activated

Devin starts to worry about Caleb Reynolds' infatuation with Amber Borzotra causing the Bomb Squad problems later in the game. While talking to her, Derrick Levasseur, and Christine Brecht, Caleb comments that he doesn't like how Devin speaks to women. They also talk about how they don't really want to send Brittany Martinez home this early.

Caleb takes it upon himself to speak to Devin about the group's concerns. When Caleb mentions how the women are scared of him, Devin enters attack mode. He briefly goes in his room to calm down. Then he returns to tell Caleb that their alliance is over, which happens right in-front of a couple of non-Bomb Squad members.

Later, Caleb makes up with Devin. However, he accidentally says how other Bomb Squad members want to get rid of him. Then Devin freaks out and calls an alliance meeting. At it, Devin asks the members to decide who they want to evict: Paola Shea or Brittany. No one speaks up. So Zach Rance tries to help the group by saying he wants to keep Brittany. Again no one backs up his opinion. Devin gets mad at Zach, and no longer trusts him.

Power of Veto

Amber, Derrick, and Zach are selected to play the power of veto with nominees Paola and Brittany, and head of household Devin.

BB Mission Control: The power of veto involves players trying to balance Big Brother planets. They are named after past Big Brother alliances and showmances. The first player to balance all ten planets correctly, and hit their buzzer, wins.

Paola really fails at this challenge, but Derrick and Devin are evenly matched. In the final seconds, Devin gets his planets balanced and beats Derrick to the buzzer. He now holds the veto.

Bomb Released

Brittany decides to try to appeal to Devin's parenting side to get him to use the veto on her. When Zach tries to reconcile with Devin, he won't listen to him. The men get in a semi-argument later that day. So Zach encourages him to use the veto and place him up for eviction.

During the POV ceremony, Devin uses the veto to save Brittany. He puts up Zach as a replacement nominee. Big Brother leaves a cliffhanger with arguments about to break out because of Devin's decision.

Team America

America selects Derrick and Frankie Grande to join Donny Thompson as the final two members of Team America. The members are given a task to use the code words “apple pie” and “bald eagle” in a conversation around 9pm that night to meet the other members.