The winner was revealed. By a vote of 7-2, Andy won. GM immediately ran into Nick’s arms. No surprise there.

Then came time for the most exciting reveal: America’s Favorite. The top three vote getters were Elissa, Judd, and Howard. Elissa won! I loved the quick pan to Andy’s mortified face.

It was a disappointing finale for a disappointing season. Here’s hoping for a better season in the future.

Other Musings:

  • GM swallows glitter in the HOH comp which is basically something they worry about with kindergarteners.
  • It’s the last episode and Andy has made his ten billionth corny, badly acted diary room comment. Congrats Andy!
  • Andy: “I do my job because I love it.” Says the man who was fired.
  • Spencer performs pitifully in both final competitions. Hardly surprising since this is how he played the entire season.
  • Andy to GM: “If the jury is bitter they’ll definitely go for you over me.”
  • Helen was practically humping Helen. She was blushing. For sure in love.
  • McCrae couldn’t bother to dress up for the jury segment.
  • Amanda’s final HOH jury question was campy and annoying. Shocking.
  • Elissa’s answer was so cute. Aaryn’s behavior shocked her the most because everything about her is cute accept her personality.
  • Judd’s answer shocked me because he hated Helen most of the summer, but his answer said he wanted to work with her the most.
  • Spencer thinks Andy was loyal to Gina Marie the whole game. Uh, what?
  • “The pawn always goes” hasn’t been true for like ten seasons.
  • Helen couldn’t help but continue to cheer, this time for Spencer as he joined the jury.
  • It was not a coincidence that Elissa asked Andy a question, since Andy has spent the last three weeks saying that if she asked him a question he’d tell her to shut up. Of course he just kissed her ass instead. Classic Andy.
  • GM mentioned Nick twice in her jury questions.
  • Andy called himself a coward in the one lucid moment he ever had in the game.
  • GM’s catchphrase: “I’m Gina Marie.” She said it twice in her speech. She also misspoke a few times, sucked up, and—I think—even offered a bribe.
  • Before a commercial GM yelled, “HI NICK!” and “NICHOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • Shocking votes: Judd voted for GM, Elissa for Andy
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