Never in the history of Big Brother has there been such an unlikeable final three. It’s hardly surprising in a season with only a handful of houseguests who weren’t racist, misogynistic, or otherwise bigoted. The final three consists of unapologetic racist, Gina Marie whose literacy has been in question all season, Spencer a man who has been investigated for child pornography and has yet to find a sexual innuendo he couldn’t make more disgusting, and Andy a noted rat whose obsession with Elissa should have people worrying about whether he’ll one day turn her into a skin-suit. None of these three will be leaving the house will the job they came in with. Real charmers.

The first part of this final episode is all about who will win the final HOH and earn their spot in the final two. However, whoever it ends up being barely matters. What’s really drawing people into the ending of this sad excuse of a season is the cathartic moment when these despicable people are torn apart by Julie Chen. During the whole first part where Gina Marie was blah blah blah and Andy said womp womp womp, I was filled with hope that we’d actually get to see a worthwhile final reunion.

But then I started to worry when the sympathetic music played while Gina Marie cried in the DR. Would they pretend that she was a charming idiot instead of a disgusting bigot.

The jury segment was amazing though. Dr. Will, who was brought back to knock some sense into the jury, laid the facts to the jury members without being too influential. He brings up great points for every finalist’s merits, even if some of them are a stretch to the viewers. Among some of the best moments of this segment were:

  • Candice telling Amanda that disliking her has nothing to do with Amanda’s game moves. She just doesn’t like her.
  • Someone said “Andy never got personal.” Earned a very big laugh from me.
  • Dr. Will: “So his big move was… deciding not to be a floater?”
  • Shocking moment: Aaryn and Candice became good friends. Who wants to bet that Aaryn did everything she could to avoid her future PR disaster.

The final HOH competition, between Gina Marie and Andy, was far different than usual. Usually the two final competitors just stand in front of a plain partition to answer the questions about the jury members. Instead they were on giant golden scales for no reason at all. Anyway, Andy won, earning his spot in the final two.

Andy shocked the hell out of everyone by evicting Spencer and his guaranteed 500k with it. With the two finalists, it was pretty much a tossup over who would win.

When it came to the jury questions, Andy did much better than Gina Marie. She was nervous, could barely answer the questions, let alone understand what was happening. Andy made a shocking and completely untrue claim that he was loyal to Gina Marie the whole game. (I guess he forgot about the week he sobbed because Elissa refused to put her on the block.) He also took way too much credit for moves he never made (ex: he thinks he convinced Elissa to put up Nick. That never happened.) but he did so in a fairly well-spoken manner. I never liked him but from that final speech, he definitely deserved the win.

The minutes ticked away. With only twenty minutes left of the final, there were no hard hitting questions. It was worrying for sure. The votes were cast, but nothing was really said.

Then the non-jury members came out. Julie only asked Howard and Jeremy questions. Howard, in his typical fashion, answered in the most roundabout way possible about the racism he saw on the show. (Spencer asked “Did I say anything?” Julie: “There’s not enough time.” Ha!) The thing that surprised Jeremy the most was that Helen faked cried. Seriously. SERIOUSLY!