Part Three: The Land Before Logic

For once, I’m very glad for a comical segment that has no merits within the game. These players are so all over the place that it’s a nice change of pace. Andy is attacked by a bird in the hammock. Reminds me of when Ollie from BB10 was afraid of the crow. For the veto competition, Helen is dressed like Doc from Back to the Future. The special effects are so stupid and corny. I love it. This feels like a competition from the classic Big Brother. The competition designer did such an amazing job with the dinosaurs and volcano.

The competition is a puzzle. This should be easy for Howard, a person who only talks in puzzles.

Howard: “I’m looking around at all the dinosaurs. If I don’t win this veto, they’re not going to be the only ones extinct.” Candice earrings of the episode: black and white scales forming some sort of diamond.

Aaryn: “I don’t like puzzles. I don’t do puzzles.” Shocking. Candice and Jessie bump into each other while running for their next pieces. Howard said “fustrating.” He’s now dead to me. The editors try very hard to make the game look compelling but really only the set pieces are interesting.

Spencer wins veto.

Part Four: Helen is a Really, Really, Really Bad Player

McCrae: “To me, this could not have gone better.” He says in front of Amanda. Who is still on the block. Genius. Aaryn argues for putting up Candice. Nobody disagrees, nor does anybody say “hmmm, maybe it’s not a great idea for you to put up two black people.” Candice thinks that Helen is a puppet master. No. No, no, no, no, no.

Why is everybody so blind to Amanda? Candice is the one person willing to tell Helen that it’s gross that she’s trying to keep Aaryn in the house, while pretending she’s good friends with Candice. Helen doesn’t like that Candice implies she’s running the house. Which is weird since that’s what Helen wants people to think. That’s why she’s always bringing up “having the votes” and making deals on everybody’s behalf. So, Helen decides to get her ally, Candice on the block. She lies and says that Candice threatened her. Helen is really, really bad at this game. Really, really bad.

“Threatening doesn’t really work.” –Amanda, the player who uses threats the most.

Spencer says “Hey, everyone, it’s time for the veto meeting” in the weirdest voice ever. What the hell was that? Spencer uses the veto on himself. Aaryn replaces him with Candice.

Aaryn says, “Candice, saddle up” in the most passive way ever. Was everybody given sedatives before the veto ceremony? Candice thinks that Helen and Elissa have a hand in the nominations. She wants to go after them. Seriously. Why do these people keep putting that on Elissa?

Aaryn calls Candice crazy. Good lord.

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