Very few celebs do themselves justice of their official website. Typically, you only go there to buy an album if iTunes is down or the local FYE is closed, and it's a chore. The pages are filled with verbose monologues on their achievements and pictures of them trying to look like normal people, while they ride their Ferraris around upscale neighborhoods. Beyonce though, true to form, has managed to sexify and sultrify (not real words, we know, but there's no other way to describe it) and somehow simultaneously humanize her website with a recent page makeover.

The moment you land on you're given a wonderful sensational jolt to your ears and eyes. It's a quick, unobtrusive 15 second pre-roll, but it adds an element of personality to something that otherwise solely exists to sell merchandise. It's something different that doesn't need to be done, but manages to separate it from the throng of other celebrities who don't really care to touch their websites.

After the initial preroll, the site is easily navigable, with music videos and links to charities she supports. It also has a feed to her personal Tumblr, tour schedule, social media platforms and of course, her merch. It seems to run the normal gamut, but it does it in a classy... 'Beyonce' way.

Anyway, we like it, and we'd like to see more stars do it too. What are your thoughts on the new page? Is it an unprovoked sensory assault? Or a momentary lapse into musical euphoria? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.