Beyonce officially released the sexy, possibly nsfw video for her latest single, "Partition," on Tuesday, turning up the heat and making her "Drunk In Love" video look like ABC Family material.

The video, which was released as part of her "Beyonce" album, features Queen B dancing scantily clad (and even appears to be naked in a silhouette in one shot), fooling around with husband Jay-Z in the back of a limo, and writing around nearly nude in several of its hot scenes.

The song features some racy lyrics that Beyonce said were embarrassing to record -- especially when it came time for playback.

"It takes me back to being in my car as a teenager. It takes me back to when me and my husband first meet, and he tries to scoop me and he thinks I'm the hottest thing in the world," she told People magazine in January. "I kinda had this whole fantasy of being in the car, and this whole movie played in my head. I didn't have a pen and paper. I got to the mic, I'm like, 'Oh, press Record.' [Starts singing] 'Driver roll up the partition please, I don't need you seeing 'yoncé on her knees…'"

"I was so embarrassed after I recorded the song because I'm just talking s**t," she says. "I'm like, 'I can't play this for my husband!' I still haven't played it for my mom. She's going to be very mad at me."

The video was directed by Jake Nava and shot in Paris, with some of the shots filmed at the legendary "Crazy Horse" cabaret.

Beyonce surprised fans by dropping her eponymous fifth studio album without any warning in December.