Beyoncé Knowles has vowed to help Whitney Houston beat her alleged addiction to crack cocaine. The sexy singer was horrified by reports the 80s pop superstar - who is married to Bobby Brown - is hooked on drugs and living in squalor. She wrote to Whitney - who discovered Beyoncé when she was in Destiny's Child and helped write and produce many of her tracks - to offer her support as soon as she read the allegations.

A source is quoted in Daily Star newspaper as saying: "Beyoncé will do what it takes to sort Whitney out. She needs her friends around her and Beyoncé would never give up on anybody."

The Crazy In Love singer isn't the only star to have rushed to Whitney's aid. Last week, it was revealed Mary J. Blige is praying for the troubled diva. She said: "I'm saddened by the whole thing. Whitney is technically the best vocalist in the business."

But the One singer insists the star - whose once stunning looks have been ravaged by her habit - can pull through and re-launch her career. She said: "Whitney will come through. I have every faith that she will make a breakthrough. I'm just praying for her now."