After catching her hair in a fan during a concert in Canada on Monday, Beyonce made fun of herself by revamping the lyrics to her hit song "Halo."

She shared a photo of her handwritten lyrics for the reworked version on Instagram, which read: "Gravity can't begiiiin/to pull me out of the fan again/I felt my hair was yankiiin/From the fan that's always hatiiiin... I got snatched!"
During the show, Queen B crouched down on the edge of the stage at the Bell Centre in Montreal to sing the song when her long locks got caught up into the blades of an industrial-sized fan in front of the audience.
Despite the problem, Beyonce continued to perform as assistants and security guards helped release her from the predicament.
A source told, "Bey's hair got caught in the fan because she went downstage to an area she normally doesn't go for a fan... There was a girl in the front who was holding up a sign with a bucket list on it of all the things she wanted to do with her life. It was things like, 'graduate from college' and all the boxes were checked except the last one, which was, 'Sing With Beyonce!'
"Beyonce was so moved she went down into the pit to sing Halo with the girl to give her her final wish. She wasn't even thinking of the fan - she was focused on the girl she was trying to do something nice for and it was unprompted. It really came from a good place."