It seems like Beyonce's wish to expand her family has come true. The pop star is reportedly pregnant with her second child. Multiple sources claim Queen B and her husband Jay-Z are preparing to welcome a little one later this year.

Rumors started circulating that the singer was pregnant after she was spotted a couple of weeks ago at the Met Gala (above), wearing a Givenchy gown that strategically covered her stomach in a way that made it impossible to tell if there was a baby bump underneath.

Then there was the canceled concert. Beyonce, 31, axed a show in Antwerp, Belgium, earlier this week as a result of exhaustion and dehydration - code words for pregnancy!

Plus, Beyonce has been very open about wanting more kids. She told "Good Morning America" earlier this month: "I would like more children. I think my daughter needs company. I definitely love being a big sister and at some point when it's supposed to happen. My biggest job in the world is to protect my daughter and I am very protective."

It seems that Beyonce's 16-month-old daughter Blue Ivy is going to be a big sister!